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      Photoelectric switch is the abbreviation of photoelectric proximity switch. It uses the occlusion or reflection of the detected object to the beam, and the circuit is connected by the synchronous circuit to detuogun.37ix.com.cngeshanban.37ix.com.cnshusongdaij.07858.net shusongdaiu.07858.net yajieji.07858.net fangbaohulu.07858.nettect the presence or absence of the object. Objects are not limited to metals, and all objects that reflect (or block) light can be detected. The photoelectric switch converts the input current into the light signal which is emitted from the transmitter. The receiver detects the target object according to the received light intensity or whether or not. The common photoelectric switch smoke alarm in the security system is often used in industry to count the movement times of the manipulator.


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