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      Photoelectric switch is a kind of sensor, which converts the change of light intensity between transmitter and receiver into the change of current to achieve the purpose of detection. Because the output circuit and input circuit of photoelectric switch are electrically isolated, it can be used in many occasions. A new generation of optoelectronic switching devices manufactured by integrated circuit technology and SMT surface mounting technology have intelligent functions such as delay, broadening, www.yanglaoyuant.com.cnwww.diandongment.com.cnwww.taiyuanbanjia.com.cnwww.gonglujiemuju.cn

      www.turangxiufuu.cnwww.yanglaoyuand.cnexternal synchronization, anti-interference, high reliability, stable working area and self-diagnosis. This novel photoelectric switch is an active photoelectric detection system electronic switch with pulse modulation. The cold light source used in the switch is infrared light, red light, green light and blue light. It can quickly control the state and action of various solid, liquid, transparent body, black body, soft body and smoke without any damage. It has the advantages of small size, multi-function, long life, high precision, fast response, long detection distance and strong anti-light, electric and magnetic interference ability.


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