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      用光電元件作敏感元件的光電傳感器,其種類繁多,用途廣泛。按光電傳感器的輸出量性質可分為兩類:(1 )把被測量轉換成連續變化的光電流而制成的光電測量儀器,可用來測量光的強度以及物體的溫度、透光能力、位移及表面狀態等物理量。例如:測量光強的照度計,光電高溫計,光電比色計和濁度計,預防火災的光電報警器,構成檢查被加工零件的直徑、長度、橢圓度及表面粗糙度等自動檢測裝置和儀器,其敏感元件均用光電元件。半導體光電元件不僅在民用工業領域中得到廣泛的應用,在軍事上更有它重要的地位。例如用硫化鉛光敏電阻可做成紅外夜視儀、紅外線照相儀及紅外線導航系統等;(2 )把被測量轉換成繼續變化的光電流。利用光電元件在受光照或無光照射時" 有" 或"無"電信號輸出的特性制成的各種光電自動裝置。光電元件用作開關式光電轉換元件。例如電子計算機的光電輸入器,開關式溫度調節裝置及轉速測量數字式光電測速儀等。
      There are many kinds of photoelectric sensors using photoelectric elements as sensing elements, and they are widely used. According to the output quality of photoelectric sensor, it can be divided into two categories: (1) The photoelectric measuring instrument, which converts the measured value into the continuously changing photoelectric current, can be used to measure the intensity of light and the physical quantities such as temperature, transmittance, displacement and surface state of the object. For example, Illuminometers for measuring light intensity, photoelectric pyrometers, photoelectric colorimeters and turbidimeters, photoelectric alarms for preventing fires, constitute automatic detection devices and instruments for inspecting the diameter, length, ellipticity and surface roughness of machined parts, and their sensitive elements are all photoelectric components. Semiconductor www.buxiugangsanton.cnwww.buxiugangwanto.cnwww.panshiganzaoj.cnwww.ganzaoji.net.cn www.shengwuzhi.net.cnwww.dingjingxiangjiao.cnoptoelectronic devices are not only widely used in civil industry, but also play an important role in military affairs. For example, the lead sulfide photoresistor can be used to make infrared night vision, infrared camera and infrared navigation system, etc. (2) The measured value is converted into continuous changing photocurrent. A variety of photoelectric automatic devices are made by using the characteristics of "yes" or "no" electrical signal output of photoelectric elements when illuminated or not illuminated. Photoelectric elements are used as switching photoelectric conversion elements. For example, the photoelectric input of the computer, the switching temperature regulator and the digital photoelectric tachometer for speed measurement, etc.


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